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The team: Excellence in data-mining

Our background: data-science, design of algorithms, wireless data transfer of sensordata

Rudolf Tanner, Christine Tanner and Peter Frei are experienced in data-mining, algorithm design and wireless data transfer of any kind of sensor data in the Cloud, such as acceleration-, pressure-, temperature-, strain- and vibrationsensor data.

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Dr. Rudolf Tanner

  • PhD in digital signal processing of wireless receivers
  • Experience from 3 Start-Ups and one global enterprise
  • More than 10 years as engineering manager, project manager for HW and SW application
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Dr. Christine Tanner

  • PhD in medial image processing
  • Computer science and mathematics
  • Algorithms, simulations, data analysis, SW test & integration
mechmine datamining peter frei 130 web   Peter Frei
  • MSc Medtech
  • Patent- and innovation law, commercial law
  • Bio-Medtech, HW & mechanics, control systems


mechmine llc (Mechmine GmbH)
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Mobile: +41-(0)76-565-3-161