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Increased plant availability
through early damage detection

Is your plant at a standstill due to an unexpected breakdown? Possibly even at a critical moment when you would need to rely on full capacity? Most of such interruptions can be avoided. By switching from condition-based to predictive maintenance, you determine the timing of maintenance and repair of your system yourself.

i4C WINNER 2021 BANNEROur technology:

Diagnosis-as-a-Service (DaaS)

The enabler is our own hardware, sensors and sensors from selected third parties. However, we can also process data from existing installations. Our system is based on novel and patented data processing of sensor data of any kind using machine learning and AI methods, see Downloads. We differentiate ourselves from MEMS-based IoT systems through:

  • Save an consultant: 24/7 diagnosis for the price of an annual inspection
  • More sensitive than others, suited for slow runners!
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  • We see further ahead than others

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  • We see wider and more details than others

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  • Unique trend charts and automatic diagnosis
  • Click & Run - automated monitoring and alarm threshold setting
  • Anomaly detection – early bearing and gear defect identification
  • Safe and reliable - system architecture which manages machine data and metadata separately
  • Independent and transparent - no hidden costs to get access to your data, no affiliation to any third party
  • Access independent of location, time or device (BYOD), system can be added at any later date
  • Intuitive results and user friendly – results and graphs interpretable by anyone


Our solution:
Maintenance 4.0 and everything is under control

  • Monitoring of critical bearings or gearboxes
  • Detection of incipient failures - due to small deviations from the standard
  • Scheduling of maintenance work and repairs
  • Optimize plant utilisation
  • Avoid unplanned interruptions during operation

Our solution consists of a well-rehearsed and proven system of sensors, best-in-class data acquisition and novel data processing, paired with an evaluation individually tailored to your plant and needs. This allows you to optimally plan maintenance and repairs.

Our services:
Optimize plant availability

To enable predictive maintenance of your equipment, our solution continuously records the condition of your machine. Based on this, the system identifies components requiring maintenance and enables you to choose a good time for repair.

Condition monitoring

Maintenance prediction

Preventive maintenance

Repair & maintenance planning

How we collaborate:
Mechmine leads the way

Each plant is unique based on construction and technology. Determining and accurately recording the relevant measured values is the key success factor for the effectiveness of early damage detection. For this reason, the configuration of our solution is done individually.

Create requirements profile, i.e. site survey

Selecting the necessary sensors and parts

Expert assembly and commissioning

Training of personnel, support with our carefree packages


Our system

Mechmine's cloud-based solutions exploit high-end digital data pre-processing and data-mining methods in the analysis. We use the flexibility and scalability of a cloud environment to carry-out time consuming mathematical analysis efficiently. In this way one can deliver fast answers to the pressing question, how is my machine today?

Everywhere - Anytime - Everything

mechmine - Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Massive improvement in performance

mechmine - data mining searches for the right information

Mechmine utilises the latest technologies

mechmine - sensors are our data sources

We prevent machine failures

mechmine - monitors machine vibrations

Mechmine technologies in action

Mechmine increases your system availability by moving from condition monitoring to predictive maintenance. Determine the time of maintenance and repair yourself. Successfully monitoring bearings or gears in critical systems. Mechmine offers a secure retrofit turnkey solution - access from anywhere, anytime and comprehensible to everybody.

hydro power plants

Monitor the health of bearings and gearboxes of critical plants successfully. Mechmine offers a secure and powerful solution.

water treatment plants

Water treatment plants use redundancy to increase plant availability, specifically process continuation, which is costly and space demanding.  

mountain rails and lifts

Early detection of anomalies, mobile access to data due to cloud-based machine monitoring.

industrial applications

Monitor the health of bearings and gearboxes of critical plants successfully. Improve uptime and capacity.


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